Branded Divisional Tagline

WarnerMedia Branded Divisional Tagline

The WarnerMedia Branded Divisional Tagline incorporates the WarnerMedia brand as a graphic expression of the relationship between WarnerMedia, its businesses which includes HBO, Turner and Warner Bros., and the products and services offered through that relationship.  Proper and consistent use of the WarnerMedia name and brand, including as part of the branded divisional tagline, helps maintain recognition among consumers who identify WarnerMedia with high standards of excellence and consistent quality in media and entertainment.  As such, it is important to maintain a consistent treatment of the WarnerMedia name and brand across internal and external communications and within all marketing materials whenever feasible.  On-air promotions, movie trailers, print advertising, and employee communications should all be identified with WarnerMedia.

The WarnerMedia legal department has cleared its divisions and companies to use "A WarnerMedia Company" as represented in these guidelines. Note that this representation of the WarnerMedia name and brand is a specially created piece of artwork that purposefully incorporates the WarnerMedia logo to ensure maximum recognition in the industry, and to maintain the association between WarnerMedia and the products and services produced and distributed by its businesses in television networks and film and TV entertainment.

Where use of the downloadable logo files is not feasible, because only text format is suitable, please avoid:

  1. Relegating "A WarnerMedia Company" to "mouse type"
  2. Burying "A WarnerMedia Company" with legal/copyright information

All uses that are not text representations of "A WarnerMedia Company" should be in the format of the downloadable logo files and as outlined in these Guidelines.

Downloadable Logo Files