Motorized Screen

Motorized type usually is better for multi-purpose home theater where need to rise or down the screen frequently. Our screens are using high quality motors which assure the screen up and down freely and durable flat for long time using. The user no need to operate the screen manually which decreases risk of “pull-and-release”-damages on the screen.

Octagonal sheet case, graceful design

  • US fabric matte white
  • Advanced tubular motor, somfy, jolly & A-OK motor optional

Features of Motorized Screen

  • Designed for controlled and uniform rolling of screen fabric, the motor is concealed within the roller, which ensures smooth and quiet operation.
  • The A-OK motors are high quality equipped with internal thermal overload protection guaranteeing trouble free usage.
  • Available in superior imported viewing surfaces which are best suited for Front projection.
  • They can be lowered or raised using a 3-way rocker switch (included in the cost) or optional Original RADIO remote control. The screen stops automatically in the UP and DOWN positions.
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