WarnerMedia Investments

Investing in early to mid-stage companies that generate strategic value for WarnerMedia.

The Power of Investing in Innovation

WarnerMedia Investments group targets new opportunities in early to mid-stage companies that generate strategic value for WarnerMedia's businesses. The company has a reputable track record and forward-thinking strategy that pushes the boundaries of innovation by investing in companies that develop business partnerships with its divisions and within the media and entertainment industry.

Objectives for potential investments include the delivery of new services, existing product enhancement, entry or expansion into a key strategic market, completion of a strategic partnership, and critical research and development. WarnerMedia Investments seeks to acquire minority equity stakes in private companies and targets an investment size of up to $25MM.

For more information and to be considered for investment see WarnerMedia Investments Criteria and Submission.

WarnerMedia Investments Criteria and Submission

Company's operations must have a clear strategic fit with an existing WarnerMedia business.

Company can demonstrate near-term partnership potential (for example, the delivery of a unique product/service to at least one of WarnerMedia's businesses).

Company is at stage of development where they have demonstrated the feasibility of their business model and/or their technology. Will invest at an earlier stage if the opportunity has a greater potential for strategic value creation.

High quality management team with a demonstrated track record of execution against operating plans.

Attractive financial return potential commensurate to the risk profile of the investment.

WarnerMedia Investments expects to be an active and prominent investor. Will act as lead investor in a round and will seek governance rights including board seats and observer rights as appropriate.

To submit your company for consideration, please contact:

Renee Rowe
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 484-7819

[email protected]