COVID-19 UPDATE: As our company responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our communities—including our employees and those considering a career at WarnerMedia—remains our top priority. If you have submitted an application, rest assured that your resume will be reviewed by our recruiting team, it just may take some time as we face this unprecedented situation. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility with any adjustments to our interviewing process. Stay safe and healthy.

We understand that careers are only one dimension of life. Our employees lead interesting, multidimensional lives as global citizens, community members, homeowners, students, caregivers, athletes, friends, activists, hobbyists, family members and so much more.

The diverse roles and responsibilities that add definition to life can also add complexity, tension and stress-particularly when coupled with the demands of work. The conflicts that occur when work and life demands collide can inhibit the capabilities of our employees Therefore, we strive to provide a workplace that can adapt to peoples' lifestyles and life stages.

Employee Benefits

At WarnerMedia, we offer a comprehensive benefits package to our employees. Our health, welfare and financial benefits are designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our employees. We offer healthcare choices to our employees and their families, including domestic partners, which provide access to a broad array of providers while giving employees tools to make informed decisions about their care. Our disability, life and long-term care benefits help to protect our employees from the financial consequences of illness, accident or death. Financial plans are offered to help our employees with their income replacement needs when they retire. We continually review our benefit plans to ensure they are competitive, affordable and appreciated by our employees.

Health and Wellness Programs

WarnerMedia invests in services and education to keep our employees healthy. All WarnerMedia businesses offer access to employee assistance and mental health programs. Our offerings include programs for pregnant women, cash reimbursement for wellness activities, onsite fitness centers and onsite health services. We also provide information to our employees about health and wellness through seminars and awareness campaigns.

Flexible Work Arrangements

At some of our divisions, employees partner with their managers to develop flexible work arrangement schedules. The purpose of these schedules is to enable employees increased flexibility in how, when, and where they get their work done and to increase employee satisfaction and decrease unwanted turnover.

Dependent Care

We understand that employees have a range of responsibilities outside of the workplace. Our employee assistance programs, therefore, take an inclusive approach in defining an employee's "dependent" as someone who relies on the employee for financial or emotional well-being, even if this person is not a member of the employee's immediate family.

Child Care Options

Some divisions of WarnerMedia have onsite childcare facilities. All divisions have programs, through a third-party childcare provider, that provide back up care if an employee's regular childcare is unavailable. The back-up care programs include both in-home care and childcare center options.